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Thursday Thirteen #18 -- Introducing Pam Derbish

I said a few weeks ago that I'd be introducing a new character to these parts. But then we all know what happened here with Thursday Thirteen and, to be honest, Wednesday and Thursday of last week just sucked for me. NOT a time to bring someone new into the fold.

However, like most of the women who populate my fiction, Pam doesn't hold back when she's been promised something. So... without further ado,

Thirteen Things about Pam Derbish

1. Her hair was originally a caramel brown.

2. She went blonde when she was 12 and never looked back.

3. She began exercising because she was terrified she'd wind up like her parents -- overweight, diabetic and emphysemic.

4. She fell in love with her own muscles, once she saw them. Their shape and strength was addictive.

5. Implants only made her look better. She was eighteen when she got them.

6. She avoided the eating disorder trap because those muscles need fuel.

7. That said, she is extremely careful about what she puts in her body.

8. She's not a huge drinker.

9. That makes being around ShapeShifter difficult.

10. She discovers ShapeShifter mostly because they are the hot thing in Riverview when she's sixteen.

11. She doesn't particularly like their music.

12. She loves the attention Trevor gives her.

13. Trevor is a bit of a means to an end -- stay tuned for what that means.

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ahhhhh, muscles. I want to be addicted to seeing mine!
She sounds like an interesting character. I love creative minds.
Me, too, Janet!
That is a nice list. Thank you for sharing them with us. It's nice knowing you better.
My T13 is up too.
I agree with Janet. have ones worth looking at would be great!
Implants only made her look better. She was eighteen when she got them. this one made me laugh.
Very creative list! She sounds like an interesting character.
I like the description about her falling in love with her muscles....
Oooh, reminds me of Linda Hamilton in Terminator! I love her muscles. :-) Happy TT!
Oh, she's not nearly THAT cool. Just wait... I'll get an outtake up in a day or two.
She sounds interesting... and unique... not many women out there who like to exercise... me included!

Happy TT!
How cool that Pam revels in her muscles! :) Your characters are fascinating folks. Thanks for sharing them with us, here on your blog!

Happy TT!
I'm starting to see some muscle on my body I had never saw before, never thought I would got them!!
Hope your character is not over exercing, doh!!
Another interesting character... can't wait to find out more.
Happy TT! :-)
Ooh! I want to be a Shape Shifter too! Actually, can I be a Mood Shifter and not know it? :) I'm glad we didn't have to say good-bye after all!
Implants and a fitness guru - interesting combo. Can't wait to learn more.

Have a great week. I'm all about spirals for my 4th TT.
Good for her she avoided the eating disorder trap; I didn't feed my muscles... Very interesting character, I'm curious how she'll develop!
My TT shows a lot of pics of my two kittens growing up.
I love reading about your characters so much. Makes me want to get off my butt and start writing.
I like that she doesn't like their music, makes it interesting.
oh i like the concept of thirteen things about a character. Now i have to run over and tell Rhonda and Jill about that!
I hope the last one means she's going to give Trevor a run for his money. Sounds like an interesting character!
Happy Thursday and ...
Yeah! for TT coming back from the dead.

And, I'm happy to see our new character :D
Pam sounds like a thoroughly intriguing character! Happy TT!
She sounds like she's going to be lots of fun... Now I wonder what she's really got in mind for Trevor though!!!! MUhahahahha
Sounds like a girl who gets what she wants, but also maybe driven by fear and possible insecurity?
Ooh, another interesting character! I hope this week is going better for you; I was a bit off kilter last week, too. Thanks for dropping by and, as always, for your lovely comment! Happy Thursday to you,
Very interesting character indeed, i really need to catch up on this story of yours.
Hmmm...she sounds interesting and a little obsessive. maybe I was obssesive at that age, too.

Kids wear me down. LOL!
im thinking Pink as the model for the character, well with a boob job
I love your character sketches, and your characters.

I need to strive to be like Pam to loose last of pregnancy weight.

Happy TT!
Ah, such a tease!! Happy TT and thank you for visiting ours as well!
Nothing like getting to know your charaters. They sort of become best friends in your head after a while. :)
Trevor and the others better watch out, she sounds like an up-stager. and if she is so into changing things she doesn't like she'll be changing the band's repertoire and costumes not to mention their drinking habits.

my tt is 13 things i am grateful for
Thanks for visiting and reading my humble T13 - :) My kids were so very good to me it is true.
I have a question - I put up "the code" to T13 - but nobody is leaving a "link" in my comments other than their user name - which links to their blog -
Does that mean I should add them to that little purple box?
If ONLY I could figure out how to use the Mr. Linky! :)
Sad to say, most of us don't put the links to other sites like we're supposed to.

Yeah, Mr. Linky's hard. I have the Tour Manager deal with him for me.
Wow, it took me until I was about 33 before I got the guts to dye my hair!

Happy TT.
Nice to "meet" Pam :)
"4. She fell in love with her own muscles, once she saw them. Their shape and strength was addictive."

Hey! I used to be like that! Now, I'm entirely too fond of curves and cushions.

Happy TT!
MUSCLES....oooooo....I can't wait.

And thanks for the comment!
Nice to meet you Pam. What nice muscles you have. ;)
Such an intriguing character! Lots of depth there. :) I so want to read this book. It's getting more and more alluring!
Pam's not in Trevor's Song. She got written out, actually!

I figured that having someone new around here would keep things fresh. Especially me!
What fun! I'm going to have to read more of your blog!
Hmmmm Interesting --would be trite

provocative--seems a better fit
Ok Susan help my memory here. I thought Pam was one of Trevor's girlfriends (in the book that is)?
She sounds like a very interesting character.
Nope, you're thinking of Diane and Heather.
Pam sounds very interesting. I always think about what my muscles might look like. Ah, if only . . .
She sounds like an interesting character! Thanks for visiting. :)
great characters!
I think it will be cool to see where this girl goes.

Thanks for the Read Mitch
I hate girls with implants, Susan. So again, I'm sorry Pam.

So happy TT hasn't ended. Always so happy to read you on my blog. I'm late, I guess :(
sounds like a cool person. I like Joann Sfar, too.
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