Saturday, June 30, 2007


Susan Speaks: Help!

While Trevor's off, trying to write a poem for Monday's Poetry Train, I thought I'd sneak back in here to ask you guys two questions:

1. Do you WANT Trevor to write a poem for Monday's Poetry Train? Or would you rather hear more from our roadie poet?

2. For this week's Thursday Thirteen, we've been asked to list our favorite Thirteens. I figured I'd ask you guys for some input. You can say something like, "When the band has conversations," Or "when you tie in the Thirteen to some fiction" or "when you tell us things, like the series about what's in everyone's kitchens, and when are you going to finish those, anyway?"

Be specific, vague, whatever.

I'd better run before Trevor catches me here. Last I saw him, though, the lit candle was the only light in the room and the floor was covered in crumpled-up notebook paper (notebook stolen from Mitchell, of course). He's taking this poetry thing to a pretty cliched level. Be careful what you ask for.


Michele sent me over, Susan.

I think a few more from the Roadie Poet would be good on Monday's Susan. Give Trevor some time to build up some material.

Thursday's are good for fiction tie-ins. Something about the number 13 just clamors for fictional linkage.
Trev's impressed that you think he has more than one poem in him, U. Watch out or he'll come thank you "properly." (his words, not mine. I take no ownership in the entirely imminent event of sexual harrassment)
1. Trevor, Trevor :)

2. Anything really Susan since they all let us get to know your band better. Can't be anymore vague, huh?
I can tell by reading this post that I need to go read more so that I can figure out what the heck is going on. Of course, I'm easily confused so that may not help. I am looking forward to seeing the poetry that Trevor comes up with. Hopefully, he will be able to pull it off. :)
One of my favorite T13: What´s in Daniel´s and Val´s kitchen

and, of course The Farm House

Have a great weekend!
Those are good ones, Sanni. Thanks!
I think a few more from the Roadie.

And I loved the "In The Kitchen" series!
Michele sent me to see you today, Susan.

You really, REALLY need to see Blue Monkey Jammies first ever Thursday Thirteen.....

It's a scream....

Yep, I saw it already! I was howling, too!

BMJ is definitely on my list to make sure I visit each Thursday.
Hi. Haven't had enough time to research Trevor yet. Has he ever expounded on his manliness? Or is he more inclined to wax philosophical about his cleverness?

Was I supposed to know that this weeks TT was about our favorite things?

(One of the Roadie poems was my first trip over here, I think).
Two tricky questions as I feel ill informed to provide advice. Never being one to baulk at a challenge I will still plump for the cliched poetry and I like random TT's best. Shepherd has some really varied ones, as does Mar.

Thanks for the belated birthday wishes :)
uhhhhh let me think real hard about that for a nanosecond: TREVOR!!!

And my favorite TTs so far have been the last one AND "When Mitchell Woke Up" which of course had a focal point of...TREVOR.
Hey Susan, I've got the SEx blog, SEx flasher on July 29. It's going to be a 100 word flash that's got to be about one of the five senses.

Think I could talk Trevor into joining us? In his usual Trevor fashion?

My primary email is:
As for the TT13, I liked the Straight from the horse's mouth you did a few weeks back. I also like hearing about Mitchell & the rest of the band ;)

Hey, I just wanted to come by and let you know I posted the answers to the TT13 - Have You Ever - it's up at Any Apples.
What Moogie said....

okay I'm trying really hard not to be a total newb and look confused, but I'm new to your blog :D It sounds like you have some fascinating characters from your book!

I'm looking forward to reading more and learning about it all :) Michele sent me today! I love your sense of humor too *grin*
I loved that roadie poem.

And the peeking into what's in the kitchen, etc. is a huge adventure!
1. I have no preference.

2. I haven't been around long enough to develop an opinions.

You guys underrate yourselves...
I think I'd like a Roadie poem. As for Thursday Thirteen, I like hearing about the everyday life, what their houses look like etc., the bean dip thing ;)
I want to read a Trevor poem, cliched and all. LOL Although the Roadie Poet was awesome/

My favorite TT was one with soy sauce. :P
Roadie hunk, please, although I am getting to this too late. I'm sure the poems were written or fought over already.

Yeah, their everyday life for TT sounds good to me, too.
T13: I like when the band has conversations!

And I'm looking forward to Trevor's poem. :-D
I like TT's that focus on the secondary characters (and I'm always up for more Chelle!)

Obviously I'm ignoring the poetry question since it's already Monday and the post is up - going to go read it now!
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