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Thurday Thirteen #whatever

Yo. Trevor still here. This blogging gig sucks, but Susan's sick. Really fucking sick. Not getting off the couch sick.

So I'm gonna make fun of her this week.

Thirteen Comments from the Peanut Gallery

1. Mitchell: Look! She's a shadow of herself!
Trevor: Who let you in here? Did that woman of yours wise up and throw your ass out?

2. Remember this whiny post? Ha. It's got nothing on that blob parked on the couch.

3. We all know she writes book reviews over at Front Street Reviews.
Mitchell: That's why over on her sidebar, it's listed under "byline." Which is a play on Chelle, in case you hadn't noticed.
Trevor: Like I give a fuck? Let me get back to the story.

4. Beats the shit outta us where or how it happened, but these Bostick Communications people picked up Susan's name. Not a bad idea, except their oh-so-researched targeted marketing has her deleting about five e-mails a day.
Mitchell: Stays silent.
Trevor: Gets mad that Mitchell won't play the straight guy.

5. They're all for Christian lit and non-fiction! Why the fuck would you send a Jewish novelist an offer to review your Christian lit or non-fiction?????

6. Mitchell: She reviewed LL Cool J. And that Brian Wilson book. And White Bicycles. Those weren't fiction.
Trevor: They were about music.
Mitchell: LL Cool J's book was not about music. It's a workout book.
Trevor: You ought to know. You're sleeping with it under your pillow, in the hopes you'll wake up and look that good.
Mitchell: Actually, I loaned it to Daniel. I think he's using it.
Trevor: He would.

7. Now, here's a good one to show you how out of it Susan is. The Tour Manager called to tell her that this new doohickey showed up.
Mitchell: It's a trainer, for her bike. You need that part to make the joke work.
Trevor: Yeah. Her trainer. It was waiting at the office for him. And Susan's first thought? What's she doing there?
Mitchell: I think it works better if you know that Susan's got a personal trainer. Or if you hear her tell it. She's got the space cadet thing down the past few days.

8. Eric: Oh, hi guys. Want to practice when Daniel gets back?
Mitchell: Where is he?
Eric: Off driving Susan's car. He wanted to know why it's won Best Car awards a bunch of times.
Mitchell: I can't believe she's letting him.
Eric: I was right there. She said, "Mmm-hmmm." Didn't even open her eyes or anything.
Trevor: Is that how #2 got permission to play on the computer for a few hours?
Mitchell: Hours?
Trevor: Hours.
Mitchell: Damn, she is out of it.

9. Trevor: We suck at ragging on Susan, know that?
Mitchell: Yep.
Eric: Everyone's giving her awards again, too.
Mitchell: The two things have got to be related.
Trevor: Ya think, Super Brain?

10. Eric: She'll have to catch up on the awards when she's feeling better.
Trevor: At this rate, that'll be in another week.
Mitchell: Think I ought to call Amy again? She's awfully out of it.

11. Trevor: This sucks. You can't rag on someone when she's this pathetic.

12. Eric: Oh, look! She's up!
Mitchell: I think she's hungry. Since Val's not here, I'll go see if I can help.

13. Trevor: Yum Yum.

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Hugs, I hope you feel better soon!
She will get well, and well you are in big trouble then. Bwahahahaha. Have a great TT. :)
Sorry you're still sick, Susan! Congrats on the new trainer, though. I'm sure you'll be on that bike again soon. Just don't let Trevor try to fix you anything to eat. Not that he probably would, but you never know.
I can answer No. 5: to maybe double check the facts....
Go make the woman some chicken soup, Trevor!

But seriously, this is hilarious.

Happy TT! I'll put mine up when I think of something!
LOL! I hope you're feeling better soon, Susan.
LOL Susan! This has a surreal I've-been-sick-too-long thing going on. I do hope you feel better soon. But this post was funny from the '# whatever'. And the shadow-of-herself photo!
Yes, I have DEFINITELY been sick too long.
Hope you feel better soonly! Happy TT and thanks so much for stopping by!
Poor Susan! Daniel's got her car! But it's good to see that Trevor has a conscience when it comes to ragging the vulnerable. (Thanks for visiting my TT)
Happy TT my friend. Thanks for stopping by my WW:)
Those "poor" boys were trying so hard to pick on you, but even that was a bit over their heads. Sue, hope you feel better soon so that guys can get out to play. I don't think they will make good nurse maids.
OH MAN! Everyone's getting sick right now! Get better soon... at least before Valentine's DAy.
OH MAN! Everyone's getting sick right now! Get better soon... at least before Valentine's DAy.
I hope you feel better soon. :)
Get well soon and thanks for visiting me. Happy TT.
SHG - you're sick?? Get well soon, sweetie!! Get my man Mitchell *swoon* to whip you up the old fashioned cure-all... Chicken Soup!

(Hey - I see a Chicken Soup for the Rock Star's Soul waiting to be written ;)
Hope you can get off the couch soon.
Gosh Trevor, why do you have to be so disrespectful? It's really unnecessary and unkind. You would so complain if someone spoke about you this way.

Get Susan some chicken soup and an apology - pronto!
I didn't know that Susan is sick. Send her my regards (Cupples @ Buck Naked Politics).
I'm laughing at #5. Happy TT.
I hope you're feeling better soon. Very funny list!
Susan is obviously still much more creative sick than I am healthy!

Now get up off your lazy ass and go make her some soup you ingrate! She gave you life and you can't even make a lousy can of soup? It's not like I'm suggesting you actually chop vegetables or anything, just warm it up.
Ooo, sorry you're sick!

(((Healing Vibes)))

Yum Yum indeed ;)

Do your book characters ever think you're the fictional character?

PS I have two, count 'em, 2, TT posts this week.
Hope you get well soon, chica!
I need to start an award...

Most Hilarious Thursday Thirteen of All Time.

Thanks for making me spit my coffee all over the keyboard in front of my students! I may never stop laughing.
So sorry you're sick ... had that bug myself LAST week and hated it! Clever post ... much more imaginative that what I did when I was ill, but then I don't have Trevor et al to take over for me. LOL
Hugs and blessings,
I'm so sorry you're feeling poorly, but I had to laugh at the hijacking of your TT...even when you're sick, you're fabulous!

Hugs darlin'! Get better soon :-)
Well, at least they didn't rag on you too terribly. Feel better soon! {{{{{hugs}}}}}
I'm too boring for good ragging. It's really that simple.
Awww! Feel better soon, Susan!
I hope you feel better soon but even sick your tts are better than mine!

She's a Jewish novelist review Christian books. ROFL!!!

You better get well soon, so you can come on line and do our write ins. :D
I miss our write-ins. ;(
lol! That made me laugh! Happy TT! :)
I feel your pain Susan. 2+ weeks here. Kidlet and I are slowly on the mend.
Hope you're feeling better soon. DS and DH have got it here. Might wanna check my TT for some relief. LOL.

Take care.

Trevor, you and the guys need to be nice to poor Susan!
Get well soon!
Susan!!!! We're not prepared. I just stopped by Nicole's and saw her list. (We're still good with the leather though).
sending all kinds of healing energy and prayers your way! PLEASE feel better soon.....we can't deal with much more substitute blogging!
Yeah? Why the fuck not?
Oh Susan, I'm so sorry you're sick! I hope you feel better soon. My cats are all sending you purrs!

The boys, as ever, made me chortle!
lighten up trevor! you can't help it that you were born a man.....i'm just over the testosterone thing right now and you got caught in the crossfire.
go write a song or will make you feel better. oi!
I hope you get better soon, Susan. You need to exert control over those boys ;)
Why not try getting over THIS man? It'll make ME feel better.
Shelly, ya think?
Somebody needs a good paddling. Back in yer pen, dawgs.

Hope you feel better soon, Susan! Thanks for visiting when you're so sick and all!

T13 #12 |  Pictures from the (Virtual) Earth:  Thirteen Landscapes
Trevor, schnookums, not to worry -- you always make me purr. :-D
hey dude, i was trying to make light of a situation that affects me here in the lost world. didn't mean to knock your nose out of joint. i'm sorry we've managed to offend each other. i apologize. pax? ok?

cc'd from my blog to yours
Uhh, Jaydee, that was a proposition!
Feel better soon gal!
I hope you feel better soon Chicka!

Gotta lubs a smart ass man...Kick his ass a few times for me, huh?

Susan, get well soon and get back to blogging. Trevor is no substitute! :)
I hope Susan feels better soon. Interesting TT.
I hope you feel better!
LL Cool J? And you're going to rag on my 80's picks? LOL!

This was funny! Happy TT!
So sorry to hear you are down and out, but at least you clearly have retained your sense of style and humor!! Hope you are feeling better soon -- !
Happy TT (I couldn't even muster up the energy to think of 13 things today!)
Hope you feeling better!
I like Susan, Thabnks! Make fun of her as much you can..

This is for Susan:

BTW, you have been tagged for book meme page 123.
I hope Su gets well soon!
I send you feel better vibes and lots of hot tea. I hope that you're better soon before the band gets too rowdy or starts practicing in your front room.
This is a neat post. I hope you feel better soon, S!
Best wishes, I hope you'll feel better soon. Thanks for visiting my Dalai Lama quotes!
Po' Susan is still sick. And she let the boys take over. I feel sorry for her when she feels better and has to clean the mess up. :o
If that target marketing is sending you Christian lit emails, they aren't even close to the bullseye. If I wasn't such a cynic, I would be tempted to try sleeping with a workout book under my pillow in hopes of transforming my body overnight.
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