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Thursday Thirteen #67 -- Bits about Deadly Metal Hatchet

I've been on this Deadly Metal Hatchet kick lately, wanting to make the time to explore them more, learn their back story, bring more of them to you.

Thirteen Things about Deadly Metal Hatchet

1. Deadly Metal Hatchet is four guys who have created a gimmick for themselves that works. Think Iron Maiden's Eddy, only more gruesome.

2. That gimmick is the Deadly Metal Hatchet, their mascot.

3. Here's links to other DMH posts. The first. An earlier Thirteen. Chelle and the Hatchet. The perils of being a baby band. And meeting a groupie.

4. Fozzy, the lead guitarist, is the only known survivor of a Hatchet attack. That's why the Hatchet lives with him now.

5. Fozzy founded the band as a better way to cope with a bad motorcycle accident. The alternative was to crawl into a bottle. Which he tried.

6. Lido's the singer.

7. He figured that being in a band would take him out of town and away from the woman he loved -- and who loved him back.

8. Scott's bass drum was a Hatchet victim. Thankfully, Scott wasn't playing it at the time.

9. Unfortunately, though, the Hatchet did its work before a show. Scott's tech was one busy man, but it wasn't enough and the band had to take the stage without the drums. They returned in the second song. Thankfully.

10. By that time, the audience was booing. It was an ugly show.

11. It took them awhile to get booked again after that. And when they did, they had to play the frat of one of Lido's friends.

12. Fozzy and the Hatchet had a long talk about desecrating the band's equipment.

13. Notice how there's nothing about Gecko yet? Like I said, I'm still working on these guys.

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great list, I enjoyed it very much! Come check out the NASTIEST THING over on my blog!
I am REALLY glad he wasn't playing that drum too! Some cool guys.
Such great character... Have a great week Susan and I hope you are well. :)
I'm trying to imagine them performing without the drum set. Especially the drummer. Did he just stand there? Play the cow bell?
Interesting Happy TT my friend and thanks for stopping by:)
Have I told you lately that I love your T13-lists?


Happy TT!

T 13: All about SPAM

P.S.: Were you able to access the T13 HQ?
Your list is a great read - thanks for the fun!

Please visit my My 1st Thursday 13 if you find time. Thank you!
Your TT's are always so fun:)

Thanks for your kind words on mine!
Call me clueless.......but thanks for visiting my TT!
I think I need the Deadly Hatchet to come do a number on my EDJ.
I might be able to arrange that for you, Joely. Hang in there!
You have a wonderful way of developing characters!
Yay! I was hoping you hadn't forgotten about DMH!

Not that I don't want to hear about Trevor, of course...
I understand, Bunny. Totally.
Susan Dear,
Now I understand how you can appreciate my love of Alice Cooper!!! lol lol!
Great TT!!
Odd choice of mascot. Happy TT.
What a great character! It's a good thing Scott wasn't drumming. That could have been quite the mess!
Your list was so interesting!

Well its number 68 for me this week. I answer 13 More Questions from the 100 Question Meme. Stop by if you get a chance.
Too cool! We have a band in The Bar Story, but none of the characters are mine. My character is their producer... a 1000 year old vampire! LOL I love the name Deadly Metal Hatchet!
Where's my boyrfriend Trevor?? Boy, I bet he'll be bummed you aren't writing about him. I of course saw the hatchet and thought "I hope Trevor isn't doing things with that hatchet!" ;)

Happy TT Susan!
I'm sensing a battle of the bands somewhere in the future... =) Great TT, Susan!
Hardly seems fair that their own mascot turned on them LOL.
I wondered how they coped without the drum set too.
Awesome list and thanks for the visit.
Deadly Metal Hatchet...

I see a great graphic novel down the line. :)

I love these guys - exactly the sort of band I would have gone to see in the student union bar! Like some of the bands I actually did see, they would be great if only they sounded great!

I loved Iron Maiden (still do) and was a big fan of Eddy in my teens. While others had posters of pretty boys in bands I had a huge Eddy poster over my bed!
When you say, "Fozzy" I say, "Bear!" :p
I'm really wanting a DMH T-shirt now. Probably not a CD, but a T-shirt, definitely. :)
Interesting have you learned So much about them I oft wonder that about new stars
Sounds like a mix of Iron Maiden and Molly Hatchet. Hahaha!
Great imagination!
I never heard of them but now I'm curious to give them a listen.
Rock on with Deadly Hatchet!!!
ack! i feel so old!
happy t13!
definitely a different kind of mascot

happy tt
I feel a little unclean, like I'm cheating on Trevor. But that said, I LOVE the name of the band and #10 made me smile because I'm sure that's what would happen. (Thanks for visiting my TT)
Interesting list. I enjoyed reading your TT.

- Amy @ The Q Family
I just love how well developed your characters (and their world) are. Great list.
LOVE the name of the band :-)
Here is my thursday 13 post.
Far more interesting than my current favorite band, (in a whisper), The Black Eyed Peas. Yes, I am too old for them.

I also have a new Ray Charles fixation, but I love harder stuff too and am going to check them out.
*snork*, I love their name, Deadly Metal Hatchet -- fun to find out more about those fellows!
Too old for a band?

Well, maybe to sleep with them. But not to listen to their music!
cool characters! Maybe Trevor will want to visit mine! :P

Happy TT!

Mine is 13 jokes about men:
LOL very nice. They look interesting.

I'm sorry Susan, this is very very weird! But very, very cool! :)
hatcheting the drums? not cool.
We haven't heard about these guys in a while. Fun to finally learn more about them.
I never grow tired of your TT posts.

Did you see I divorced Blogger? Check me and my "stinky" TT out.
I really dig the band name. Gotta look out for that Hatchet, though.
Never heard of them before
This is so awesome - now I'm clicking away madly on all your links...
Cool list, Susan. Have a great weekend.
They've had an interesting time of it.
Great List!
Wow songs without drums! That just wouldn't go down. The Hatchet needs to be nice!
Okay Lady...I want MORE!!!! I'm thinking the Hatchet is more interesting to me than Trevor and the gang--sorry boys. Deadly Metal Hatchet just sounds like my kind of dig.

Why would Fozzy want to keep the hatchet? ;)
Ouch. I feel for those guys! lol
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