Saturday, March 01, 2008


Sunday Best: Six Things

This was the week to Tag Susan For a Meme She's Already Done. One of the reasons I didn't stick with academia was that I hate repeating myself.

So this Sunday Best is better than that stupid meme. It's about people OTHER than me. People who deserve your attention.

1. My eroti-chick friend Christine had a new release this week, Wizard's Thief. You eroti-readers might want to check it out here. I think Christine is awesome, even though I have yet to read her fiction.

2. Ann Aguirre has a new book out, too. Get your hands on Grimspace! I hear it's killer.

3. One of my favorite Thirteeners has her first release, too. Xakara's debut is out through Samhain. Get it and tell me what I'm missing!

4. Want a peek at Jennifer Estep's latest cover? Mark your calendars for September 2 and start counting the days!

5. Sort of about me, but more about Linda Fairstein. I finished the copy of Bad Blood that she was kind enough to send my way. It was her best book yet! Full of fascinating facts about a part of New York City 99% of the world doesn't get to experience, and Coop at her best. She's one gutsy woman, Coop is. Relating back to this week's Booking Through Thursday question and the discussion that followed in the comment trail, Alexandra Cooper fits the bill.

6. Speaking of Linda, remember this date: March 12. That's when Killer Heat will be released. I hope Luc comes back, and that's all I gotta say about THAT.

Trust me. This is a series you can jump into at any point and be able to follow what's up, so g'wan and click my links. Buy Bad Blood. Pre-order Killer Heat.

Heck, buy ALL these books. But I'll warn you now: Bad Blood is the only one I've read, so if you take my suggestions but don't like what you encounter, well, have your head examined. (although if you read Jennifer Estep's two current books and don't like them, I'm sure the person examining your head will have lovely drugs for you.)

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I've recently discovered Linda Fairstein and have thoroughly enjoyed the 2 I've finished and left where I was - one in England and the other in Italy - and second your call out :-)
*blows raspberries at Susan*
What? You thought *I* could answer something like this straight?

Doing so would be bad for my reputation. Besides, I'm boring compared to my characters. That's why I let them rule the joint.
HUGS!! You are so sweet, Susan. Thank you so much for the pimpage. And for loaning me Trevor that one time...
I like how you pat it forward. It's this kind of ethos that reinforces my belief in the goodness of the writing community.

I fixed the text on my site: I used the extra-small font initially because the quotes were getting too long. Sorry about that! Did you try using the zoom feature in your browser? (In Firefox, it's Control-Plus or Minus to instantly grow or shrink the text on the page.) In different browsers, the option's usually also embedded somewhere under the View menu.

Sorry, got a little geeky there!
I've read Christine's 'The Bond That Ties Us' and really loved it. She knows how to build a world that seems bigger than the story. And she's very scorchy hot.
Waves at Susan!!!! :)
Hey Sweety-By, I just saw this. Initially I couldn't see anything older than Tuesday on your page. (I've been having issues with Blogger). I had to reload and hit up your archives to find it.

Thanks for mentioning it so I knew to look deeper. I appreciate it the plug!


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