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Thursday Thirteen: Spring has Sprung

Thirteen (?) Things that happen Every Spring

1. Trevor swaps his leather jacket for a leather vest over a denim jacket.

2. Trevor rediscovers the pack of cigarettes he left in the leather vest when he wore it last.

3. The cigarettes are now stale. He offers them to Mitchell.

4. The Deadly Metal Hatchet beheads daffodils.

5. Fozzy buys the longest shorts a guy can get away with, hoping to hide the scars on his leg. Then he makes his annual call to the plastic surgeon to see if anything can be done about them.

6. Big Buck's wife Beverly fires up the mobile grills and begins to get ready for the summer barbecue cook-off season.

7. Walter gets ready for a new tour.

8. Eric throws Cadbury Crème eggs into the audience.

9. They'd rather have his guitar picks.

10. Chelle swaps her long-sleeved concert t-shirts for the short-sleeved concert t-shirts.

11. Pam's classes fill up with women worried about bathing suit season.

12. Roadie Poet, Hambone, and More begin fielding offers of work on summer tours.

13. Lyric offers her yearly discount on her favorite stockings to anyone with a prom ticket.

14. Susan's world continues to grow. And grow. And grow. Sort of like the dandelions in her front yard, only more entertaining.

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Happy spring to you, autumn ( or fall whichever you prefer) here and I had to put on long sleeves this morning for the first time in ages.
Happy TT to you.
Wait a have daffodils? I have a swamp and you have pretty yellow flowers? Nice :-)
I don't find cigarettes in my pockets, but I did find a spare baby diaper once. (It was clean.) :-) Happy TT!
Aw, poor daffodils!

And, I have to say, I'd fight tooth and nail for a Cadbury Creme egg thrown by Eric. I mean, scrumptious candy thrown by a rock star - that sounds like the best of both worlds. It's great candy and who says a Cadbury egg wrapper isn't a perfectly valid concert souvenir? ;-)
Great list, as always. Maybe I’m in the minority, but right now I’d rather have a Cadbury crème egg than a guitar pick from Eric.
'Trevor rediscovers the pack of cigarettes he left in the leather vest when he wore it last.' - LOL!! I usually discover something in my jacket or coat pockets. Sometimes it's even money. Usually it's kleenex.

'The cigarettes are now stale. He offers them to Mitchell.' - LOL!! Can't quite throw them away, I guess.

'Susan's world continues to grow.' - Yay!
Yep, Spring is definitely here. Happy TT my friend:)
No, Julia, it was more of a lame attempt to abuse Mitchell than keep the cigarettes around.

And girls, would you EAT the creme egg, or save the whole thing as a souvenir? (that's what I'd do; it'd be too precious to eat)
Hi Susan,
I wish it was spring here -- it was only in the lower 40's today and they are predicting snow flurries for the weekend! Horrible!! But I did think about whether I would eat the Cadbury egg lovingly tossed by Eric or save it for posterity -- and I decided I would absolutely shove it into my mouth and love every minute of it!!
awwww, poor Fozzy :(

How funny you mention Cadbury Creme eggs when that's what my WIIW was!
Happy Spring too ooohh the daffodils--
come see my Easter bunnies
Excellent TT! Very creative. Too bad about the dandelions... Oh, I prolly wouldn't eat the egg.
Beheading daffodils! NOOOOOOOOOO!

Happy TT.
A world that keeps growing and growing sounds like the best sign of spring to date! :)

Happy TT, Susan

There's still snow on the ground here. Your T13 has me thinking Spring thoughts lol I think I'll run with it. Happy T13!
'Susan's world continues to grow.'

Wishing you a long and happy growing season as you tend your garden! Happy Spring!
I especially like #11. That's how I feel each spring, too! That...and it's time to get a tan!
Ah, signs of spring in Riverview!

I like Trevor's leather vest!

And I'm totally against the beheading of daffodils. Bad hatchet!
I'd help Eric throw the Cadbury Crème eggs into the audience. I don't get the fascination with them.

Now, the caramel ones are a totally different story.

I did not get the promotion again. I almost gave in to the power of positive thinking, but sarcasm came to the rescue with 13 snarkier than thou thoughts about my sixth non-promotion.

Happy TT!
Well, Spring is the season for growing, though if your world gets any more detailed, you might never come back. =D

By the way, I have something for your here, just a friendly tag, which you need not do anything with, or even acknowledge. *g*
I think I just threw up a little in my mouth at the thought of smoking those stale cigarettes. Nothing nastier than a stale cigarette.
Finding the cigs -- and passing them because they are stale -- cracks me up lol

But then I'd be disappointed if that didn't happen here ;)
Spring is definitely springing! My daffodils have actually just finished blooming as it has been mild here in the UK. Perhaps Deadly Metal hatchet can pop over and behead them for me as it will save me having to do it! :)
Oh I just love the signs of spring! :)
"Eric throws Cadbury Crème eggs into the audience." Wish I was in the audience. I love those eggs, even if they're a little smashed, as long as the creamy goo is still mostly inside the chocolate. Happy TT!
Yeah I'd rather have the picks too, ick. And stale ciggs? dounble ick
Your world certainly does grow (and is certainly entertaining) … while my time to keep up shrinks! Egads woman. Every time I think I’m getting a ‘handle’ on who’s who and what they’re up to … your creativity soars to new heights. I’ll have to return to catch up ;--)
Hugs and blessings,
Fozzy needs to get the capri pants that all the men here wear. (well, except for the Americans)
I do love these TTs. They are like taking a little break from the world to venture in a wonderful world. Thank you for sharing them with us!

Happy TT!
It would be nice if I found some cigarettes from last year because I stopped smoking, lol ! I start to wake up from my hibernation, spring is coming !
Trevor is gonna look hot! Hehehe!
I really want to go to one of Eric's Springtime shows!! I love Cadbury eggs. Had 4 just this week!

Happy TT.
Wouldn't those eggs get things a little messy?

Thanks for reminding me, I need to buy a new bathing suit this year...

Happy TT :-)
hehehe, laughing over Trevor offering the stale cigarettes to Mitchell. :) And bwahaha, Deadly Metal Hatchet beheading daffodils! As ever, a great and imaginative list, and my all-time favorite item, as cool as the others are, is "Susan's world continues to grow" -- what a marvelous thing that is! :)
No. 8 is definitely my kind of abuse!
That Cadbury egg would disappear. Happy TT!
Ah, Trevor is a slave to fashion, isn't he? I wonder -- is Pam completely booked? I think I could use a trainer. Let me rephrase -- I KNOW I could use a trainer, and maybe Pam and I wouldn't kill each other during the training process. Happy Spring, and thanks for visiting my TT.
I found $5 in a coat once.

I saw some daffodils the other day (still with heads) and it struck me that it must be spring. May your world continue to expand.

Happy TT!
How could they do that to daffodils???? Mean, just plain mean. I'd love to have Creme eggs thrown at me, but I guess I'd be attending classes with all the other women worried about swimsuit season!
I would much rather have Cadbury eggs thrown at me than regular eggs, but wouldn't it hurt? Say you get cracked in the eye...
Hey, Scoop, it's all fun until someone loses an eye. And then it's fun you can't see! :D

(Yes, that's a real quote. Or maybe a paraphrase of a real quote. Whichever.)
Wow, I'm living in a cave. I didn't realize Spring is among us. Note to self: get out more often
Great list. I've found movie tickets in my jacket pocket, and once a $5. Happy TT. :)
P.S. I could have sworn I commented, can't remember what I said, but I could have sworn I said something. Headdesk.
Girl, we got 8 inches of snow coming here...spring? I wish...
Di sneezes 47 times in a row...several times levitating off her chair. She gives special dispensation to all of her friends to bless her once in March and be covered until June.
Walter's going on tour? Woo hoo!
Love the daffodil beheading (well, not really,... just the imagery ;)
I don't know where it is your characters live, but it's nowhere near here (Montreal) that's for sure! Apparently we're still in for 6 weeks of freezing winter weather and only THEN will the mounds of snow everywhere begin thawing. Doesn't inspire anyone here to try to squeeze into a swimsuit, that for sure. :-S
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