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Thursday Thirteen #74 -- Roadie Poet

As I said over the weekend, the winds are starting to bring some changes around here. While I'm waiting to evaluate what those changes are (and if I find them acceptable; so nice to feel in control of SOMEthing!), I've been playing with my characters.

I've been trying to come up with something for a Flash Fiction Carnival I'd like to take part in. I've got some things in mind -- I hope they correspond to this weekend's writing prompts! -- but somehow, inspiration for some fiction came in the guise of Roadie Poet. Not that RP is going to write fiction anytime soon.

Anyway, it dawns on me that many of you who hang around here on Thursdays haven't met the Roadie Poet yet; he tends to come out for the Poetry Train.

So... Meet Roadie Poet.

Thirteen things about Roadie Poet

1. His poetry is often the only poems many of my groupies read.

2. He's definitely a male. For a while there, I wasn't certain. My groupies helped me figure it out.

3. I adore this guy. Read on and see what you've been missing.

4. He doesn't have much of a life off the road. He lives and breathes roadie.

5. Even over the holidays.

6. Even when the hours are long.

7. When he's not on the road, he lives at home.

8. He's got a best friend named Hambone.

9. And a girl named Maureen, who he calls More.

10. She's often working when he's free.

11. But they find ways.

12. He can party hard.

13. But he sleeps better on the bus.

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You got to love the poet roadie! Roadies are amazing. My favorite band - breaking benjamin - has interviews with their main roadie. He's a riot.

Happy TT! Thanks for sharing your ED experience! :)
Happy TT!
Hmmmmm he definitely sounds intriguing! Happy TT :)
Memories of roadies? Oh, man, do I remember :-)
YEah for Roadie Poet.

I'm intrigued by these changes in the wind. ;)
I love Roadie Poet! Not as much as Trevor, but of course that goes without saying. :-)
Cute butt. :-)

I like the roadie poet. I love his poetry train entries, too!
Woo! Yeah - Roadie Poet! My favorite! Thanks for the links - I'd missed the holidays one. And I'm waiting oh so patiently for the day your secret can be not-so-secret.
Oh, to be him. I wonder if I would ever be able to afford to eat again.
Yay for the Roadie Poet! *crossing fingers on your developments*
What a great life - it's what most of us would like to do if we could just dump our real lives.
Good stuff!
I think I like #12 the best, on the floor, that gave me a chuckle! Heehee, but they are all great!

Ok m'dear my 13 is now fixed, I just wanted to try out the linkie thing to see if I could make it work, you weren't supposed to visit before the curtain went up! *blush*
It must be interesting to read his poetry.
"Explains why I'm naked. But not why I'm on the floor." Roadie Poet is a wry and funny guy, isn't he? Thanks for the introduction, and thanks for visiting my TT.

PS The Natural movie is more of fable than the dark Malamud book was. I was disappointed in the book, too.

PPS Has Trevor ever had a groupie with dangerous stalker tendencies?
I know nothing about roadies...Yeah Roadie Poet!
LOL on #12. Excellent writing.
Gotta love a man who can write poetry.
Happy T13!
Hi Susan,
Can't wait to see/read/hear what the winds blow in!! And roadies have such an awful job -- I'm glad your roadie likes his and has his own talent as well!
Happy TT my friend:)
Too cool! He sounds like a great character! Happy TT!
I love Roadie Poet's poems. And I got that guy vibe early on, I think from the first poem of his that I read!

And I not only love his poems -- I love his air of mystery. :)

Re: the changes on the wind, I'm keeping all my appendages crossed for you: fingers, toes, arms, legs, even my eyelashes!
What a cool character. I think the life of a roadie would be very interesting.

See you next week.
I've never heard of Roadie Poet, thanks for sharing the links. I always enjoy learning about new people, places & things!
For the truth...I don't know Roadie Poet :D

Visit my T13 : What I want..... Thanks.
Go Roadie Poet! Thanks for the introduction.
You can always find out the gender of your stars from the groupies :p
Roadie Poet seems like a cool dude to me ;--)
Hugs and blessings,
Sounds like you have been hanging around my friends!

Mad grats on your Pens, that was impressive.
interesting T13
happy thursday
Hi Susan- did I mention I also have bookmarks and postcards? I'll bring you some. Email me and I'll email you with my cellphone number, and we can talk Tues. (do you have plans Tues. evening?- want to meet some authors and have pizza? we'll talk when I get there). :)
P.S. I also posted this on my blog, wanted to make sure you got it. :)
I love the More poem. It's great! hehe Happy TT!
I've met a few roadie poets when I was working at my college theater. Happy TT.
This is the month for Roadie Poet to shine. leat the month for the Poet part. (I'm sure he shines all of the time.)

May the changes in the wind be favorable.
Roadies, such unsung heroes! And Poet's too! Great TT, Susan!
It was great meeting Roadie Poet. Wind changes are good. :)
Heh...imagine having to explain to your 10 year old the difference between a groupie and a roadie ;)

Happy TT!
I love the roadie picture!

Happy TT!
Love #9 - great play on words.

Which little dance from my post would the Roadie Poet do?

Happy TT!
Interesting list. Roadies are cool!

Gotta love a roadie. I love what he calls his girlfriend. I'll bet that's a crack up in public.

Sorry, you won't see me at RT. I can't get away that week.

Thanks for visiting my TT!
Oooo, I wanna MEET this guy! He sounds HAWT!
Very cool! Sounds like an interesting character. Happy TT!
This is the first time I've stumbled across the Roadie Poet. He does some good stuff!
Okay... you're intro has me all curious. Winds of change? What's going on? Do tell!! ;)
Roadies are like the janitors of the musical industry. They hear and see all.

Thanks for stopping by the blog!:)
Rodie Poet. Very cool. My first time hearing about them.
Hmmm. There were roadies present when I met Billy Idol! Not sure if they were poets or not, they were a bit...scary!
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