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Thursday Thirteen #76-- T is for

Every now and then, Trevor and I play by the rules. This week's Thursday Thirteen asked us to Choose a letter of the alphabet and write thirteen words that describe you that begin with that letter. Be creative and have fun! Trevor trembled at the thought.

T is for Trevor. Trevor Fucking Wolff, thankyouverymuch.

T is for Holy Terror.

T is for terrible.

T is for Touring.

T is for Tremendous.

T is for tortured.

T is for Ten inches.

T is for trouble.

T is for tenacious.

T is for Tight.

T is for tragic

T is for Trail Blazer

T is for Total Package.

More Ts... teetotaller, terrible, terminal, thread, thirty, three, twenty-some, trusting, travel, thorn, trustworthy, thrash metal, thunder, thing, thundering, threesome, tired, tumultuous, thoughtful, trait, thoughtless, tasteless, timely, talkative, turtle, tundra, the, tissue, than, trouble, tithe, Thursday, thirteen, three, Tuesday, tape, why, the, fuck, are, you, still, reading, go, leave, a, comment, already!

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Total package, yes. I love it! Trevor came up with a great list.
Trevor a real person or one of your imaginary ones? Just asking. Very interesting. Have a great TT. :)
10 inches? Is Trevor familiar with Cynthia Plaster Caster?
T is for terrific - like this post and Tasty like our lovely Trevor! ;)

Well done! Happy TT!
Great letter the letter T! Happy TT
Total Package is a great expression. Fun list!
I've always loved the earring one, it's great! Not that the rest aren't, but that's the kind of thing that's just fun to me! ;)
Ahhhh, I remember when I started the alphabet thing on T13...seems ages ago. A tenacious ten inches can torture me anytime!
Teehee we both picked T. Happy TT.
Why am I the first comment? Happy TT:)
Oh...I'm not the first...duh!
Wow, that's a lot of Ts! Terrific Trevor TT. :-)
T-errific list lol Very clever. Happy T13!
Missed the directions thing...figures...but how did I miss the ten inches? Not possible! Trevor, let's talk :-)
I missed the memo this week. Oh well, Happy TT anyway:)
Great list. Mine's up too. Have a great weekend. :)
Another great list. Ten inches? Had a good laugh at that.
10 inches and a rock legend? I'm surprised he and Lyric haven't struck a deal to get him, umm, immortalized, for her shop.
wow...lots of T in here :D

Will you visit mine Thanks
Wow, what a T-filled post! T seems like a good letter for you!!! ;) Happy TT.
Great list.
Ten inches!
In the immortal words of Mavis Freestone, he's TTT: too totally terrific. :)
Hey - I was still reading...

A ten-inch total package? Hmm. Must be why he can go for the threesome.
I’m glad SOMEONE did … because I didn’t ;--)

My compliments to Trevor on his ‘t’ list I did a meme with ‘p’ previously and had ‘phun’ playing with possibilities … but today I did my 2nd part of the Meme of Fours for my 23rd T-13 a Small Reflections.

Hugs and blessings,
Hehehe Teetotaler! I love that word! There is something Trevor is NOT! :D
Ten inches huh?? That could be interpreted in a number of ways. And what is a teetotaler anyway?
Trevor is in top form today.
Trevor followed directions and I didn't? What is the world coming to? *GRIN*

Thanks for coming by last week sweets. My malaise is over and my move has just begun.

Love you too!


TEN inches? That does explain why he's so confident ;-0

Is it sad to refer to a fictional character as "hot"?

Happy TT :)
T is also for temper, there Trevor. ;)


(Ten inches, eh?)
Enjoyed your list, mine is up at 13 Secret Muslim Tee-Shirt Slogans
This weeks was Tailor Made for you! 10 inches...*snickers*

Totally tallented take on T.
10 inches...
Let's hear it for the letter T ;)
My holy terror of a dog just went into my m-i-l's suitcase and ripped one of her shirts to shreds. He has to be Trevor incarnate.
Nice to see that someone can play by the rules - I have trouble with that myself. Trevor sounds like a tantalizing kinda guy.
Very neat...I really like your list, especially since Trevor came up with it.

And to answer your point...compliments are easy if they are meant. But if we did away with them, that would leave us either talking about the weather, or force us to talk more honestly about ourselves? Since we couldn't steer the conversation away from ourselves by complimenting the other person's shoes?
Hehehe! Trevor must be laughing his ass off.
So this list describes Trevor, sounds like my kind of guy. :)
This TT is totally tubular!

(I can't believe no one's said that already! OK, I am so not cool...)

I missed the memo too... oh well... would have been too busy to read it anyway... :)
Great list, especially "Total Package"!

Where do these rules come from that you mentioned?
Tantalizing! :)
You had me at Ten inches, LOL!
Cool list, total package is definitely a good thing :)
Ha! I didn't read the rules. My TT was totally illegal!
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