Saturday, November 08, 2008


The Origin of Mabel

Many of you regulars may remember Mabel. Here's how the legend began:

It wasn't supposed to be a big deal. Just a cheap guitar that could take some abuse, something up to life on the road. Take abuse, it did. It got knocked, bumped, dropped. But in the end, not even the inflatable ones could handle being stepped on.

Just like that, Mabel's life came to an end.

Mitchell couldn't believe how much he missed the stupid thing. He moped. He whined. He made the band threaten to leave him at a rest stop.

It was Daniel and Eric who came to the rescue, of course.

And Mabel the second was born.

The idea for this began with this week's 100-word challenge: Resurrection. It continued with this week's Sunday Scribblings prompt: change.

To read more about Mabel, check out this link. She's appeared in other spots, too. If you'd like to read them, search the blog by using her name. They'll pop right up. Have fun and remember to leave comments so I know where you've been!

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Long live Mabel! And great job with the 100-word challenge. :)
Nicely done, and a clever way to do to challenges at once!
So how come Mabel got reincarnated as a guitar. Normally, it's something different.
I love a happy ending!
Because these are the first two in what becomes a long chain of Mabels, most of whom meet untimely deaths.

I hope you'll stay tuned (and search the archives a bit); it's actually quite fun. Sort of like how Kenny dies, except not as often.
I liked your story about Mabel. Take Care!!

Like how Kenny dies, or like Murphy Brown's secretaries perhaps, each one odder than the last :).
Yeah, it's funny how an object can become an extension of yourself so that you're lost without it.

Great 100 words!
It's true. Guitarist and guitar become as one.
This is so good! Great take on everything!
rock on.
Wooo.... I like that! REALLY strong! :)
Poor little guitar!
Just coming to say Hi!
My favorite guitar seemed made for me. The neck was just the right size, the body wasn't too light/too heavy, it was balanced... And, it fell over at a gig one night and broke the headstock clean off. Even after it was fixed, I didn't dare take it out again. I got another guitar to use out, same make, different model, and I played it for years. Great sound, but it just never quite fit the same way as that first one. It became a love-hate thing, yet it's still the first guitar I reach for when I want to play now. Go figure.
You really rock at the 100-word challenges, Susan! If I'd never read a word about anyone in Riverview, this would stand on its own.
It sounds so easy, just 100 words to be descriptive. You rock.
Very cool way to use the prompt.
This reminds of elderly people who have the "same" dog forever. I had an ornery great-grandmother who did this. When I was a kid, I couldn't understand how a dog could live so damn long, and then my mother clued me in. It wasn't the same dog. Every time the dog died, they went out and got another one just like it and named it the same thing.

I looked at my mother like she had just told me the most absurd thing I had ever heard. Oh wait, it was pretty absurd.

Anyway, great piece!
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